Sunday, May 24, 2015

The 2015 CinéStudent Film Festival is Online!

The curtain has closed on the first annual CinéStudent Film Festival, held May 9 at Elk Grove High School.  All of the films will be broadcast on Elk Grove Channel 6.  However, if you are unable to get that channel, you can watch all of the films below, including the Red Carpet interviews.  Enjoy.

Red Carpet Interviews (0:00:00-0:08:02)
"Life" dir. Ayush Vora (0:08:11-0:10:07)
"Tap Water" dir. Tom Sulima (0:10:09-0:14:37)
"Lost Footage" dir. Zach Hittie (0:14:39-0:23:09)
"The Conspiracy" dir. Alex Saettone (0:23:10-0:29:24)
"1967" dir. Ben Jaeger and Nic Baggetto (0:29:25-0:38:34)
"The Car Scene" dir. Matt Pulli (0:38:35-0:43:04)
"48 Hours" dir. Nick Filca (0:43:05-0:52:42)
"Unlabeled" dir. Jolina Jaurigue (0:52:45-0:57:37)
"The Fourth Wall" dir. Garrett Strother (0:57:38-1:05:27)
"Love Only Exists in Our Dreams" dir. Kelly Warner (1:05:29-1:08:56)
"Just Smile" dir. Alex Chrisos (1:08:58-1:15:54)
The Winners (1:15:58-1:17:04)

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